[Loadstone] deleted points in database

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at orange.nl
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You can tell if a point is deleted by looking at the "priority" field in 
exported file. If this field is set to 5, that means the point is deleted.

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> Hi Shawn,
> Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at odyssey.cm.nu> wrote:
>> The deleted points do stay in the database. This so that if the database
>> is
>> exported to the point share the system can remove the points from the
>> main
>> database. [...]
> Sounds like making sense. ;-)
>> If you wanted to start with a clean database you could upload your data
>> to the point share and then redownload it and reimport it in to a fresh
>> database. The point share site won't send deleted points.
> But I have some deleted private points I don't want to send to the point
> share... so I would like to know how to differentiate them from the not
> deleted ones.
> However, thanks for explanation.
> regards,
> Bert
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