[Loadstone] Holux and bluetooth problem

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Fri Mar 23 14:07:11 GMT 2007

Hi all, I have been reading of your troubles with Holux and bluetooth. I had
to give up bluetooth connection to my Holux as to get it back it will take a
very long time. The battery is relatively huge. A friend unsoldered one leg
of the battery for me to get it back the first time, but he warned that it
didn't look as if the circuit board would take that treatment very often. I
had to buy the Holux cable on EBay from  a site in Hongkong. It took about a
week to arrive here in Ireland. With the cable you will never lose contact
with the GPS.
See my tutorial on Loadstone site.
Regards and good luck with a very tricky problem!
aedan O'Meara
Cork, Ireland.

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