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Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 19 17:36:16 GMT 2007

Myself, I like having the subject stating what the list name is, that away when I use my cell phone I can tell what list the message is for. It helps me get rid of the span before I start reading my messages on my phone. Because I go through the messages and delete messages that do not have the list name or wear I do not know the person or the subject is not in english.

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Subject:	Re: Loadstone mailing list changes
From:	"Gabriel Battaglia" <gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com>
Date:		03/19/2007 5:08 PM

In my opinion, getting away the List label from the subject, we may have 
more space for more telling titles.
In other words I like to have nothing but the headline in the subject.
See ya.

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