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Mon Mar 19 15:12:42 GMT 2007


The "Start Logging" function will create a NMEA message log file in the 
Loadstone directory.  This is mainly used for debugging purposes.  So, if 
you want to see what packet data your GPS receiver sent to your phone 
during a period of time, use this function.

Some people extrapolate lon/lat coordinates from the data to assist in 
manually creating point entries for the loadstone database.

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  On Mon, 19 Mar 2007, Jürgen 
Bopp[Handy Tech] wrote:

> Hello listers,
> I recently started to experiment with Loadstone and finally also tried the
> Protocol function  while walking a certain route. I managed to create a
> logfile that was saved in my loadstone folder by default. But what can I do
> with it now? Thanks for your support!
> Regards
> Jürgen
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