[Loadstone] Waas/Egnos (was: Loadstone seizing up)

Brett brett06 at tpg.com.au
Sun Mar 18 03:27:40 GMT 2007

Hi all,

With my Globalsat BT338 I never see the differentual GPS fix message unless 
I actually go in to the GPS/commands menu of loadstone and manually turn it 
on. i also need to be in an area where I can get a strong signal to get that 

Hope this helps,

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> By default loadstone will try to turn waas/egnos on. This is configurable 
> in
> the misc settings. Now, this probably doesn't work for the most part. The
> unit is probably (maybe) getting the propper command but from what I
> understand they've been changing something to do with the waas satellite
> numbers so a lot of gps receivers no longer can receive the waas signal. 
> In
> europe it's egnos, and I think that's supposed to be online now but I'm 
> not
> completely sure. To add to the fun different receivers use different
> commands to turn this on and off. These commands aren't well documented 
> and
> can change with different manufacturers and you have to go searching the 
> net
> to try to find them. At some point loadstone will have a setting to choose
> your receivers chipset. For example, the mtk chipset uses different 
> commands
> than the sirf chipset. From what I understand the royaltek receivers use
> some of the same commands as the holux receivers but the commands for waas
> and power saving are different. Unfortunately you never know if you've 
> sent
> the propper command because there's no acknowledgement from the receiver.
> You can tell if you're getting waas/egnos by hitting key 3. If it says
> differential gps fix fix then you have waas/egnos.
> As for your royaltek not giving you the total number of satellites, that
> probably means it's not sending the gpgsv message. It should be doing this
> by default but if you've changed things with sirfdemo then it might be
> switched off. You should be able to use sirfdemo to get this message
> switched back on. The messages your receiver should send are: gpgga, 
> gprmc,
> gpgsv, and gpgsa. These should all be sent once per second except for 
> gpgsv
> that should be sent once every 5 seconds. The receiver may send other
> messages but these are the important ones.
> On Sat, 17 Mar 2007, Charlie wrote:
>> Hi Shawn!
>> Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at odyssey.cm.nu>:
>>> [...] Some receivers are better for this than others thoe. If your
>>> receiver can get a waas/egnos signal then the drift can be around
>>> 1 or 2 metres.
>> Generally the Holux GPSlim 236 can get a waas/egnos signal, but per 
>> default
>> afaik it is not activated. Do you know enough about the settings of those
>> GPS receivers and the used protocols to say something to configure them
>> properly for best accuracy? There is a little tool called SIRFDemo, with
>> which you can change some settings of your Receiver. (runs under Wintendo
>> only, probably in a guest of VMWare)
>> I don't know whether the Royaltek RBT-2001 can get waas/egnos too...
>> With my Holux Loadstone says for example "satellites: 8/12"... while with
>> the Royaltek it says "satellites: 8". Can you tell me the reason for this
>> difference? May this be because of different settings regarding 
>> waas/egnos
>> protocol?
>> best regards,
>> Bert
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