[Loadstone] Waas/Egnos (was: Loadstone seizing up)

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Mar 18 00:59:55 GMT 2007

By default loadstone will try to turn waas/egnos on. This is configurable in 
the misc settings. Now, this probably doesn't work for the most part. The 
unit is probably (maybe) getting the propper command but from what I 
understand they've been changing something to do with the waas satellite 
numbers so a lot of gps receivers no longer can receive the waas signal. In 
europe it's egnos, and I think that's supposed to be online now but I'm not 
completely sure. To add to the fun different receivers use different 
commands to turn this on and off. These commands aren't well documented and 
can change with different manufacturers and you have to go searching the net 
to try to find them. At some point loadstone will have a setting to choose 
your receivers chipset. For example, the mtk chipset uses different commands 
than the sirf chipset. From what I understand the royaltek receivers use 
some of the same commands as the holux receivers but the commands for waas 
and power saving are different. Unfortunately you never know if you've sent 
the propper command because there's no acknowledgement from the receiver.
You can tell if you're getting waas/egnos by hitting key 3. If it says 
differential gps fix fix then you have waas/egnos.
As for your royaltek not giving you the total number of satellites, that 
probably means it's not sending the gpgsv message. It should be doing this 
by default but if you've changed things with sirfdemo then it might be 
switched off. You should be able to use sirfdemo to get this message 
switched back on. The messages your receiver should send are: gpgga, gprmc, 
gpgsv, and gpgsa. These should all be sent once per second except for gpgsv 
that should be sent once every 5 seconds. The receiver may send other 
messages but these are the important ones.

On Sat, 17 Mar 2007, Charlie wrote:

> Hi Shawn!
> Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at odyssey.cm.nu>:
>> [...] Some receivers are better for this than others thoe. If your
>> receiver can get a waas/egnos signal then the drift can be around
>> 1 or 2 metres.
> Generally the Holux GPSlim 236 can get a waas/egnos signal, but per default
> afaik it is not activated. Do you know enough about the settings of those
> GPS receivers and the used protocols to say something to configure them
> properly for best accuracy? There is a little tool called SIRFDemo, with
> which you can change some settings of your Receiver. (runs under Wintendo
> only, probably in a guest of VMWare)
> I don't know whether the Royaltek RBT-2001 can get waas/egnos too...
> With my Holux Loadstone says for example "satellites: 8/12"... while with
> the Royaltek it says "satellites: 8". Can you tell me the reason for this
> difference? May this be because of different settings regarding waas/egnos
> protocol?
> best regards,
> Bert
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