[Loadstone] Loadstone seizing up

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sat Mar 17 00:09:54 GMT 2007

You could be dealing with a few things here. The first is the accuracy of 
the data. If you save a point using loadstone then the latitude and 
longitude values are saved with 7 decimal places of accuracy. If you're 
getting data from other sources then it may not be that accurate. Sometimes 
the source will say what the accuracy is but not always. If that's the case 
then the accuracy column for those points is set to 0. When that happens the 
accuracy is defaulted to 50 meters when doing calculations for the 
checkpoint announcements. Add all this to normal gps drift and things can 
start to go wrong. This will also depend on what you have the approach time 
and distence settings set to. If you change the defaults, especially the 
approach distance, then things tend not to work right. The best way to 
change the approach alarm is to use the approach time setting.
This also could be your gps receiver. Every time we've gotten reports of gps 
receiver trouble it's been a holux. One way to test the drift of the 
receiver would be to stand somewhere and make sure you have a good signal. 
Then save that position as a point and then press the select key to see how 
far you drift from your actual position. You might get better results 
depending on how you carry the receiver. If it's in a lower pocket or 
covered by heavy clothing etc. it might effect its accuracy. You'd have to 
experiment with this.

On Fri, 16 Mar 2007, Cearbhall O Meadhra wrote:

> Thanks, Monty,
> I completely agree that if we do start anything we should work closely with
> your team in order to reinforce the quality of the work.
> I am struggling with a new problem now.
> I have found that the Loadstone is announcing what it seems to think are
> current locations but that are actually around 100m away from me. I have
> checked the long. And lat. that have been input to the database and these
> are definitely correct when matched with aerial photographs for the same
> co-ordinates.
> This suggests that the  problem must lie in the Loadstone program or in the
> Holux GPS receiver.
> Could there be any setting in the Loadstone program that would cause this
> error?
> Have you any idea how I might check the calibration of the Holux receiver in
> case that is the cause?
> All the best,
> Cearbhall
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> HiCearbhall,
> It looks like something screwed up when I attempted to reply to another
> message and it may have accidently gone to you by mistake.  Sorry about
> that!
> Anyway, the project is open-source so you and the rest of the world are
> certainly welcome to download the code and may use it under the terms of the
> GPL.  Not that anyone has done it yet, but we would also welcome patches or
> improvements.  Let us know if you are doing any development so we can work
> together!
> Check out the download page on the web site to grab the code.
> Best regards,
>   Monty
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