[Loadstone] Loadstone seizing up

Cearbhall O Meadhra cearbhall.omeadhra at idd.ie
Fri Mar 16 15:02:46 GMT 2007

Thanks, Monty, 

I completely agree that if we do start anything we should work closely with
your team in order to reinforce the quality of the work.

I am struggling with a new problem now. 

I have found that the Loadstone is announcing what it seems to think are
current locations but that are actually around 100m away from me. I have
checked the long. And lat. that have been input to the database and these
are definitely correct when matched with aerial photographs for the same

This suggests that the  problem must lie in the Loadstone program or in the
Holux GPS receiver.

Could there be any setting in the Loadstone program that would cause this
Have you any idea how I might check the calibration of the Holux receiver in
case that is the cause?

All the best,
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It looks like something screwed up when I attempted to reply to another
message and it may have accidently gone to you by mistake.  Sorry about

Anyway, the project is open-source so you and the rest of the world are
certainly welcome to download the code and may use it under the terms of the
GPL.  Not that anyone has done it yet, but we would also welcome patches or
improvements.  Let us know if you are doing any development so we can work

Check out the download page on the web site to grab the code.

Best regards,

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