[Loadstone] List of checkpoints generator

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Tue Mar 13 10:16:02 GMT 2007

The tool is nice, but it doesn't display the entire point names.
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Temat: [Loadstone] List of checkpoints generator

> When you are navigating in a densely pointulated area (an area with lots of 
> points close together) The 'use checkpoints only' option comes in handy. 
> But finding and marking the right checkpoints between hundreds of POI's can 
> be a daunting task on the phones keypad. To help we created the 'List of 
> checkpoints generator', an on-line tool that lets you provide a Loadstone 
> GPS database (limited to 0.5 MB in size, step 1) and create a checklist of 
> points in the area (step 2). This list is limited to 1000 pointname/check 
> box pairs, due to the restrictions of both the server and Internet 
> Explorer. You may select as many points as you feel necessary and proceed 
> (step 3) to the last page, where you can download the generated list of 
> checkpoints. Beam this list to your phone and use FExplorer to place the 
> file in the 'loadstone/checkpoints directory, from where in the Loadstone 
> GPS program you can select it as the list of checkpoints to be used.
> The List of checkpoints generator is at:
> http://www.loadstone-gps.com/tools/
> Comments and suggestions welcome as usual.
> Rob
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