[Loadstone] List of checkpoints generator

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Mar 13 05:43:16 GMT 2007

When you are navigating in a densely pointulated area (an area with lots of 
points close together) The 'use checkpoints only' option comes in handy. 
But finding and marking the right checkpoints between hundreds of POI's can 
be a daunting task on the phones keypad. To help we created the 'List of 
checkpoints generator', an on-line tool that lets you provide a Loadstone 
GPS database (limited to 0.5 MB in size, step 1) and create a checklist of 
points in the area (step 2). This list is limited to 1000 pointname/check 
box pairs, due to the restrictions of both the server and Internet 
Explorer. You may select as many points as you feel necessary and proceed 
(step 3) to the last page, where you can download the generated list of 
checkpoints. Beam this list to your phone and use FExplorer to place the 
file in the 'loadstone/checkpoints directory, from where in the Loadstone 
GPS program you can select it as the list of checkpoints to be used.

The List of checkpoints generator is at:

Comments and suggestions welcome as usual.


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