[Loadstone] Path suggestion.

Gabriel Battaglia gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 15:48:44 GMT 2007

Hello everybody.

A couple of mounths ago I've suggested an idea for further Loadstone version 
which is probably been considered not helpful or important. I just wish to 
try again putting it under your attention to give it another chance to be 
evaluated by the authors.
It comes not only from my side but some other loadstoner's minds, here in 
Our request is simple and it's the following:
    to save the maximum distance approaching and the time to approaching, in 
the file which gather marked points.

The reasons are simple:
1. a circle of 1 kilometer, for example, could work well when I'm travelling 
in a train and I'm checking all the stops but it's to much large for busses 
stops and viceversa.
2. In certain cases the approaching time runs well but in other cases it's 
totaly usuless like on the bus because of the frequently speed changes.
3. Each time I load a newer marked points file, I have to remember to adjust 
those parameters.
4. If I load a marked points file forgetting to change those parameters, I 
may loss some points while moving because of that wrong parameter value.

In other words, we think it could be very nice to have these parameters 
changed while we load different sets of marked points, even if the default 
parameters remain the same as recorded in loadstone.ini.

Do you think it will be possible to add this feature?
It could be enough to add a Braked section inside the marked points file 
which contain this couple of parameters.

Greetings from Italy.


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