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Well, I don't know any addresses in Ireland, but finding Blarney near Cork 
wasn't a problem:

You searched for: Blarney+Cork+Ireland

Google Earth returned:


The coordinates are:

Latitude: 51.933925
Longitude: -8.572143

Loadstone GPS format:

", Blarney",519339250,-85721430,0,0,0,UserID,1173192425


At 3/6/2007, you wrote:
>Dear Rob,
>I was very excited when I saw that you believed this product to give the 
>co-ordinates of any address in the world. However, when I went to it, it 
>could give me nothing for Ireland. In fact the only reference to Ireland 
>was something called "Ireland CT" in Australia!
>All the best,
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>It's Google Earth that provides the results. I suppose the coordinates are 
>chosen so that the street will fit on the visual map, but I have no 
>further insight in the way Google decides on what coordinates to give. I 
>tried just entering 'the Netherlands' and it came up with a location 12 KM 
>from Utrecht, which indeed lies exactly in the center of the Netherlands.
>At 3/5/2007, you wrote:
>>Hi Rob,
>>If you specify just the street without house number, what will it give as 
>>a result?
>>I supposed it is the middle of the street, but this does not seemm to be 
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>>Hi all,
>>We have created the 'Geographical Tools' page on the Loadstone GPS web 
>>site at:
>>On this page we will try to bring together a number of geographical tools 
>>that may help you to get the most out of the Loadstone GPS program. There 
>>is the Geocoder, a tool that lets you look up the geographical 
>>coordinates for a given address anywhere in the world, based on 'Google 
>>Maps' and quite accurate. All POI-Converters so far in use have been 
>>integrated into one tool, the 'POI Converter', which has been improved. 
>>The need to wait between conversions has been eliminated and the tool is 
>>UTF-8 compliant.
>>All POI-converters on the RMPRO-HOSTING domain have been disabled as of 
>>Sunday March 4th. Also you'll find a 'Distance and Heading Calculator' 
>>that lets you calculate distance and heading between two points by 
>>entering their geographical coordinates.
>>If you have any questions about these tools, or if you have an idea about 
>>other tools that might make the use of Loadstone GPS easier, please 
>>contact the Loadstone team via the mailing list or via the contact page.
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>>Loadstone mailing list
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