[Loadstone] Loadstone for S60 3rd Edition

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thanks for organising this. The popularity of third edition phones is on the
increase, and i'd love to be able to use loadstone on one of them.
I've just begun using it with a nokia n70 and its pritty darn good.

I'm certainly interested in offering a small donation to this worthy

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Hi loadstone-users,

myself <loadstone at dekadent.net> wrote:

> Afaik the main reason for the fact, Loadstone still isn't available for
> 3rd Edition is, that none of the developers owns a 3rd Edition phone.

> Now I plan to buy such a device and give it to the Loadstone developer
> team. Yesterday I asked for some other sponsors in my own little
> mailinglist and I'll ask in some other places too, for now I have 5 people
> together...

Now there are 9 people who promised to give a few Euro to purchase one or
two suitable 3rd edition devices for the loadstone team and I'm in contact
with Monty for coordination. It would be very nice (and of course much
helpful too), if some of you also can make a little donation... for example
via paypal on the loadstone website or ask here for other ways.
The more people give a few euro/dollar, the earlier there will be a version
for S60 3rd edition... and the show must go on!

And I asked Torsten Brand and Marcus Gröber from Nuance, the two developers
of Talks, if they would provide the required Talks-licenses for the new
phones needed to start the development of loadstone on 3rd edition for
free - and they do!

So come on and let's help all together, a few euro/dollar multiplicated
with a huge number of sponsors will take the needed effect!

best regards,

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