[Loadstone] GIOVE - Galileo and GLONASS

Reisender Reisender at online.de
Sun Mar 4 09:52:48 GMT 2007

Because Galileo is a lot of time behind schedule, the russian satellites may 
be also become interesting for us.
Unfortunately the first years we all have to become russian citizens for 
that, at least till 2009.


News from november 2006, Webadress at the bottom:

GLONASS Glasnost

Russia intends to make
(GLObalnaya NAvigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema), its satellite-based 
navigation system, to date used by the military exclusively, available in 
to private commercial interests and the traffic sector. The restrictions 
hitherto imposed on the use of GLONASS would be removed on January 1, 2007, 
Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov 
declared. Initially only Russian citizens would be allowed to profit from 
this measure;
access by parties from other nations would be permitted from 2009 on, Mr. 
Ivanov pointed out.

Within the context of GLONASS there are
a mere 12
functioning Uragan satellites in space, which circle the Earth in three 
separate orbits at a distance of 19,100 kilometers. By 2008 their number is 
to be
increased to 18, to ensure complete coverage of the Russian territory at 
least. For global use of such a system a minimum of 24 satellites is 
GPS (Global Positioning System), the US counterpart to GLONASS, currently 
comprises 29 functioning satellites.

At the beginning of 2003 the European Space Agency
and the Russian space agency
agreed on the use of the Uragan-M satellites, which Russia has been 
deploying since 2001, for tests of the hardware of the future
European satellite-based navigation system Galileo.
Galileo is currently one year
behind schedule.
The system, which will comprise 30 satellites (27 are needed to run it, 3 
will act as backup) is not likely to be completed before 2012. (Robert W. 


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