[Loadstone] Accurate point entry

David Allen wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
Sat Jun 30 23:31:45 BST 2007

Hi Shawn and list!

Many thanks for the explanation of accuracy. Now I do have a much better 
understanding of it.

Checked out the geocoder yesterday as well. It even has NZ information which 
will be handy for planning.

The time offset feature is nice to keep time synced with GPS. Buyt I could 
not find +12:30 in the list. Can that be considered for the next version?

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> You want a low accuracy value if possible. The lower the better. It's an
> approximation of how accurate your gps receiver thinks the information 
> it's
> giving is. If you multiply this number by 8 you should get the accuracy in
> meters. This will probably be in the next version of loadstone so this 
> will
> mean something useful.
> Standard gps accuracy is around 15 meters. Sometimes it's better and
> sometimes it's worse but around the 15 meter range is normal.
> A lot of other factors will effect this thoe. Your receiver, weather
> conditions, reflections, etc.
> On Sat, 30 Jun 2007, David Allen wrote:
>> Hi Brett and list!
>> Thanks for the info. Yes, you've opened up something that I've wondered
>> about. - this accuracy reading. I've checked that a lot but didn't
>> understand (and not sure I do yet) what it means. The other day, I had a
>> result of something like 50 when I pressed accuracy. Usually, it is 
>> between
>> 1 something and 3 something.
>> I have turned off power saving and my points that i've played with today 
>> do
>> seem a bit closer than they were previously. But this drift thing is
>> definitely something to keep in mind. Maybe I chose the wrong receiver, 
>> but
>> since I do a fair amount of travelling in various cars, the comments 
>> about
>> that in the FAQ were my deciding guide, besides local availability and
>> affordability, of course. While heading seems to change even though I
>> haven't changed my direction, I still believe it isn't as wrong as the
>> Robotron talking compass which I returned after a week. That thing was
>> hopeless, at least in New Zealand. I said it guessed a direction each 
>> time
>> you pushed the button and gave you an answer, whether it meant anything 
>> or
>> not.
>> Cheers,
>> Dave
>> of course
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>>> Hi David,
>>> I find you get more accurate positioning if once you have established a
>>> connection with your GPS receiver, go in to the GPS menu of Loadstone 
>>> and
>>> turn off "power saving". This seems to cause my receiver to get stronger
>>> reception. Also when checking the accuracy of your points, try to do 
>>> them
>>> when moving. The SIRF3 chipsets do have quite a bit of drift when 
>>> standing
>>> still, so it could be that the drift is causing your point to seem in
>>> accurate. If I walk past my local bus stop and check the accuracy of my
>>> point, it is usually with in 3 to 4 meters. But when I check it while
>>> standing still at the bus stop, it can be anywhere from 3 to 15 meters,
>>> because of the drift in the Sirf3 chipset when standing still. You need 
>>> to
>>> keep this in mind when evaluating the accuracy of your points.
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Brett.
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>>> Subject: [Loadstone] Accurate point entry
>>>> Hi list!
>>>> Well this is probably a beginner's question, too, but I know everyone 
>>>> was
>>>> a
>>>> beginner sometime.
>>>> I understand that positions marked inside wouldn't be accurate. I also
>>>> understand that entering points while stationary isn't useful. But 
>>>> here's
>>>> the thing. I've tried entering points outside while in motion and these
>>>> don't seem to be any more accurate than  the inside ones. How can I
>>>> improve
>>>> on this? I recently was at a place where I entered a point yesterday.
>>>> Loadstone told me that the point was 12 Metres away at 12 o'clock. Now 
>>>> I
>>>> know exactly where I was.
>>>> I suspect the number of sattelites that are visible can be a factor in
>>>> making your position more accurate as well. Is there a way of improving
>>>> on
>>>> that? I know that buildings can corrupt signals, so how far must you be
>>>> from
>>>> a building to keep it from distorting your reception? Can a fence cause 
>>>> a
>>>> problem? For example, one of the points I entered is very near a fence
>>>> and
>>>> it is taller than I am. Oh, the pains of being short. But anyway, these
>>>> are
>>>> the things that I'm wondering as I begin to develop my own ideas about
>>>> entering points.
>>>> I wish there was a way of changing the measurements used. I can
>>>> appreciuate
>>>> that I live in a metric country so everything here is in metres. But I
>>>> find
>>>> it harder to reconcile the distances mentioned in my mind. After all,
>>>> since
>>>> this is a personal thing we're doing for ourselves by entering points,
>>>> shouldn't we have measurements that make sense to us? Maybe this
>>>> functionality is already there, and I've missed it. If it isn't, 
>>>> perhaps
>>>> it
>>>> could be looked at.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Dave
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