[Loadstone] using exploration mode

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sat Jun 30 18:42:18 BST 2007

>Ok.  Using note pad, I created a file called, "last_position".  It only 
>has two lines in the file, the "lat" on the first line, and the "lon" on 
>the second.  Is this how it should be done? Also was there anyting else I 
>was supposed to add to the file?
Sounds good, no additions necessary.

>I have also copied the file to the load stone root directory.  Should the 
>file have a specific file extention, if any?
No extention needed. Check if lat and long have the same syntax as in the 

Make sure, that the points in your database are in the same area and check 
the search range in 'Settings/Misc'.

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