[Loadstone] collecting necessary points

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sat Jun 30 12:56:33 BST 2007

Well, your phone will let you know when you've loaded too much by the 
program slowing down to an unusable state. Getting an exact number is quite 
difficult because of the various phones out there. I think a 9 meg file 
would be a bit too much. I'd hate to think how long importing that would 
take. A better idea would be to split the data in to cities, one database 
for each city. This should give managable files. You can use the area 
exporter on the point share site to do that. For more information on all 
this just have a look at the documentation.

On Sat, 30 Jun 2007, Lamar Upshaw wrote:

> Hi again everyone,
> When downloading points to load in to the database, how do you really know when enough is enough?  I do a lot of traveling throughout my county, so I chose to download the whole county and discovered it is over 6 megs large.  I also do plenty of travel in the next county over, which brings the file up to 9 megs. *smile*  Do I only get the specific cities I'll be traveling through, and if so, do I use certain gps positions for this?  Please forgive me if my questions are basic, but this is my first time working with this kind of stuff.

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