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Go to:
and click on 'Open the GeoCoder'. Here you can submit your address and 
obtain the coordinates. This tool uses Google Maps, the UK is not included. 
For UK addresses go to:


At 6/29/2007, you wrote:
>other than with a gps receiver, is there a way to determine the position 
>of my front door?  Is there a known web site that can give this info 
>according to the entered street address, for example?
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>Hi Lamar,
>Use notepad and make a file named
>In it put the coordinates that you would like to be a starting point, e.g. 
>your front door as follows:
>This is my front door, so change it for your own:-)
>Use FExplorer to put this file in the root-directory of the Loadstone 
>program on your phone.
>At 6/29/2007, you wrote:
>>Hi everyone.
>>Please forgive me for what most likely is a beginner's question.  I just 
>>imported some points that I downloaded from the web site.  I want to 
>>explore the points, but when I try to switch to exploration mode it says 
>>"No starting point". Is GPS required for this, or is there a way to give 
>>a manual starting point?  Is there something in the manual on the web 
>>site I can be pointed to that may already answer this question?
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