[Loadstone] Accurate point entry

David Allen wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
Sat Jun 30 05:23:55 BST 2007

Hi Rob and list!

Thanks for the tips on entering points. I'll give them a try.

The tip on measurements is great! Got that working great! I can change it 
back to Metric when with people that need that, but it sure will be 
beneficial to use imperial for my own use because I'll have a better sense 
of that.

There's definitely a learning curve to this but I'm enjoying it. Had a 
pleasant day today which is helpful as well for being out playing in the 

Thanks again for your help.

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> Hi Dave,
> To enter a point, you go to the place that you want recorded as a POI and
> in navigation mode press the # key. You don't have to do this while on the
> move. Just stop at the point you want recorded and take your time to enter
> its name. While doing this on a walk, use 'save current', the 'from
> starting point' is only needed while moving away from the point after you
> pressed #. The more 'open air' the better, but you can get decent results
> as close as 4 meters from a building. Any hard surface can act as a
> reflector, concrete walls reflect more than a wooden fence. Still, if you
> need a point between two fences, there's little you can do about it 
> besides
> knocking down the fences...
> Try not to record points under tree coverage and during heavy rains, and 
> if
> the point isn't what it should be, record it again. Recording points 
> inside
> is of little use, too many reflections most of the time.
> Have a look at 'Settings/Display', you'll find the options for metric,
> imperial, nautical and measured in bottles of gin there.
> Rob
> At 6/30/2007, you wrote:
>>Hi list!
>>Well this is probably a beginner's question, too, but I know everyone was 
>>beginner sometime.
>>I understand that positions marked inside wouldn't be accurate. I also
>>understand that entering points while stationary isn't useful. But here's
>>the thing. I've tried entering points outside while in motion and these
>>don't seem to be any more accurate than  the inside ones. How can I 
>>on this? I recently was at a place where I entered a point yesterday.
>>Loadstone told me that the point was 12 Metres away at 12 o'clock. Now I
>>know exactly where I was.
>>I suspect the number of sattelites that are visible can be a factor in
>>making your position more accurate as well. Is there a way of improving on
>>that? I know that buildings can corrupt signals, so how far must you be 
>>a building to keep it from distorting your reception? Can a fence cause a
>>problem? For example, one of the points I entered is very near a fence and
>>it is taller than I am. Oh, the pains of being short. But anyway, these 
>>the things that I'm wondering as I begin to develop my own ideas about
>>entering points.
>>I wish there was a way of changing the measurements used. I can 
>>that I live in a metric country so everything here is in metres. But I 
>>it harder to reconcile the distances mentioned in my mind. After all, 
>>this is a personal thing we're doing for ourselves by entering points,
>>shouldn't we have measurements that make sense to us? Maybe this
>>functionality is already there, and I've missed it. If it isn't, perhaps 
>>could be looked at.
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