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Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sat Jun 30 04:55:04 BST 2007

Hi Dave,

To enter a point, you go to the place that you want recorded as a POI and 
in navigation mode press the # key. You don't have to do this while on the 
move. Just stop at the point you want recorded and take your time to enter 
its name. While doing this on a walk, use 'save current', the 'from 
starting point' is only needed while moving away from the point after you 
pressed #. The more 'open air' the better, but you can get decent results 
as close as 4 meters from a building. Any hard surface can act as a 
reflector, concrete walls reflect more than a wooden fence. Still, if you 
need a point between two fences, there's little you can do about it besides 
knocking down the fences...

Try not to record points under tree coverage and during heavy rains, and if 
the point isn't what it should be, record it again. Recording points inside 
is of little use, too many reflections most of the time.

Have a look at 'Settings/Display', you'll find the options for metric, 
imperial, nautical and measured in bottles of gin there.


At 6/30/2007, you wrote:
>Hi list!
>Well this is probably a beginner's question, too, but I know everyone was a
>beginner sometime.
>I understand that positions marked inside wouldn't be accurate. I also
>understand that entering points while stationary isn't useful. But here's
>the thing. I've tried entering points outside while in motion and these
>don't seem to be any more accurate than  the inside ones. How can I improve
>on this? I recently was at a place where I entered a point yesterday.
>Loadstone told me that the point was 12 Metres away at 12 o'clock. Now I
>know exactly where I was.
>I suspect the number of sattelites that are visible can be a factor in
>making your position more accurate as well. Is there a way of improving on
>that? I know that buildings can corrupt signals, so how far must you be from
>a building to keep it from distorting your reception? Can a fence cause a
>problem? For example, one of the points I entered is very near a fence and
>it is taller than I am. Oh, the pains of being short. But anyway, these are
>the things that I'm wondering as I begin to develop my own ideas about
>entering points.
>I wish there was a way of changing the measurements used. I can appreciuate
>that I live in a metric country so everything here is in metres. But I find
>it harder to reconcile the distances mentioned in my mind. After all, since
>this is a personal thing we're doing for ourselves by entering points,
>shouldn't we have measurements that make sense to us? Maybe this
>functionality is already there, and I've missed it. If it isn't, perhaps it
>could be looked at.
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