[Loadstone] has my receiver gone deaf?

Brett brett06 at tpg.com.au
Fri Jun 29 10:34:14 BST 2007

Hi David,

Also if the "GPS clock seems to have stopped ticking" message keeps 
occurring, even with the previous version of Loadstone. You may want to try 
remooving the battery from the receiver for at least 3 hours. this will 
cause the receiver to factory reset itself.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: [Loadstone] has my receiver gone deaf?

> Hi list!
> A couple of days ago, I got the GPS receiver I ordered. It is the 
> Globalsat
> BT338. After charging it, I found connecting it was easy! Even though I 
> was
> inside, I acquired three satelites right away.
> Now, it connects fine when I open Loadstone, but says there is no signal.
> After a few seconds, it says the GPS clock has stopped ticking
> disconnecting. I find even walking outside into the open and reconnecting
> doesn't help. What's going on?
> Cheers,
> Dave
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