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Mon Jun 4 12:01:38 BST 2007

pairing.  In order for Loadstone to function properly, you must not have a 
pairing relationship between your phone and your GPS receiver.  Try going 
into your phone's Bluetooth options and deleting the pairing relationship 
with your GPS receiver.  If this is the Royaltek, the name likely begins 
with "BlueGPS".

Like david said earlier, you need to first locate your GPS receiver with 
Loadstone via the Loadstone Options/GPS/Find GPS function.  (Note the GPS 
submenu option will not appear until Loadstone reports "not connected" and 
you hear the two-tone sound)  After finding the GPS, it would be a good 
idea to revisit Options/GPS/save GPS so you don't have to repeat this 
every time you launch Loadstone.

Let us know how you get on and if you still run into problems just ask!

Best regards,

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Betty Nobel wrote:

> I am new to the loadstone software.  I have had my nokia 6620 for some time now.  When I connect my royaltek 2010 to the phone and go to the loadstone menu and choose find gps, I get a system error and after that the menu key on my nokia 6620 doesn't work until I reboot the phone.  I just upgraded to the latest version of talks, so I am wondering if that might be the problem.  Any help would be appreciated.  I downloaded the correct version of loadstone for my phone.
> Thanks.
> Betty Nobel

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