[Loadstone] MTK chipset, was Re: royaltek rbt 2110

Kevin Chao g.unit89 at clearwire.net
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MTK has locked the chipsets so no modifications or tweaking of settings ccan 
be done. The USB port is solely for charging the unit, no data can go 
through here, the same applies for the bluetooth connection it isn't 
possible to modify settings via a bluetooth connection.

I have read however online ways people managed to modify settings, but then 
this required hardware configurations as well as software modification. This 
is not  at all recommended nor suggested to do, so do it at your own risk.


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> Hello Kevin,
> I do own the M1000 since two days. My first little trials were very
> interesting. I agree with you about this device. I sometimes notice an
> offset in the heading info. I absolutely know that I go west while it 
> claims
> to go north west. When I noticed this, I was carrying the m1000 in the
> breast pocket of my t-shirt. Then I put it into my jacket pocket and 
> walked
> along the same way down town Berlin. This time the heading was OK. So I am
> not sure if this happened accidentally or if this is typical for the 
> m1000.
> But I can say that my wbt300 with the antaris 4 is probabliy more reliably
> concerning the heading.
> By the way: Is there a maintinance tool for the m1000 to adjust some
> parameters? On it's cd rom there is only the user's manual.
> Hasan
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