[Loadstone] Operating instructions

David Allen wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jun 22 03:47:36 BST 2007

Hi list!

Well, guess the subject says what I want. Is anything available other than 
the release notes? I read them, but they didn't tell me much about how to 
operate the software. I did get it installed onto my phone, so I reckon 
that's a start. I have a GPS receiver on order, so I should be better placed 
to make use of the software then I get it.

I have opened the program on my phone and it accurately informed me that I 
wasn't connected. I say accurate because I assume it is referring to the 
lack of a GPS receiver. I can explore the various options if that is what I 
must do, but thought if other literature were available, it might be a 
handier way to begin learning while I wait for my receiver.


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