[Loadstone] experience with the holux m-1000

Kevin Chao g.unit89 at clearwire.net
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Yes, the Holux M-1000 is a fairly new recever, it came out in late April I 
believe.  From testing this receiver along side with the Qstarz Q818. It 
seems that the Holux out performs the Qstarz in every way possibel except by 
battery life.  Both recievers are using the MTK chipset. The Qstarz Q818 
seems to have an auto on/off feature, has issue with speeds below 2.5 mph or 
4 kmh, and with the new firmware update I received it seems that it has 
issues walking at about 1 mph. The issue that I found was that if you are 
walking at about 1 mph heading west on a street, it will report heading east 
at times and the speed info will be something outragious like 39 mph. I went 
out testing the same thing using the Holux M-1000 and all of the above 
mentioned issues are non-existent, no auto on/off feature, heading and speed 
info seems to be on the dot.

On top of it performing like a champ, it recieves waas about 90% of the time 
and  the price is very nice, going at about 50 USD


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> Hello together,
> anyone out there already using the holux m-1000? It uses yet another 
> chipset
> called MTK MT3318. It seems to be new on the marked, because I cannot find
> any reviews about it. A fiew people tell that it works fine. That's it.
> My first one was a holux gr236 with the classical SiRF3. I returned it 
> after
> a week. Now I use the wbt300 with the antaris 4. Apart of some 
> miscelaneous
> behaviour I like it much more. But I am still looking for something 
> better.
> Hasan
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