[Loadstone] Info needed

David Allen wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jun 12 01:17:55 BST 2007

Hi list!

I know there are no maps available for my country, so I'm trying to
determine how useful Loadstone might be for me. If you have experience with
using Loadstone with the Nokia 6630 and the Globalsat BT338 GPS receiver, I
would like to talk to you. I've chosen this particular receiver because it
seems best for my purposes since I travel a fair amount by car, etc. I also
chose it because I've found it to be available at a fairly reasonable price,
relatively speaking. Please contact me off list. My address is
wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
 and I'll arrange to give you a call at a time that would
be convenient to you.


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