[Loadstone] No GPS time with wintec wbt300

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sun Jun 10 08:18:39 BST 2007


Here's a log from an Antaris4. It seems to send the GSV every second and 
starts a timeblock with RMC. This is consistent throughout the rest of the 
log. The time information in the GGA and RMC is correct, so no idea why 
this problem is happening without looking at the original log.

---Log Antaris 4---
log opened 19.04.2007 23:19:07
---End of log---

At 6/9/2007, you wrote:
>This is a strange problem. Loadstone uses the following nmea fields: GGA,
>GSA, GSV, RMC. It can also use the gll and vtg fields but they're completely
>untested and aren't really needed if you have gga and rmc. All of these
>should be set to be sent once per second except for gsv, that should be set
>to send every 5 seconds since multiple messages come in with that one. As
>far as time goes, gga and rmc both contain time information. The gga message
>contains the time of day and the rmc messages contains this same time of day
>as well as a current date field. In order for loadstone to do anything
>useful you need at least the gga and rmc fields. If you're getting those you
>should be getting the correct time as well. The only time the time should be
>wrong is right when the receiver is started up and hasn't locked on to a
>satellite. If you have a valid gps signal then you should also have a valid
>time. Even when the time is wrong it'll still change, not get stuck on a
>single value. If this problem is consistant then turn on loadstone's logging
>and send me a copy of the log off list. Maybe this receiver is outputting
>something different from what's expected. As far as the other fields go they
>can probably be turned off but if you're going to send me a log of what this
>receiver is doing then maybe leave them on so I can get an idea of what
>those messages can contain.
>On Sat, 9 Jun 2007, Hasan Karahasan wrote:
> > Hello folks,
> > a fiew months ago I wrote about this here, but because I had very less
> > information, we couldn't solve this issue together in this list.
> >
> > Once again to remember: Loadstone does not get the correct GPS time using a
> > wbt 300 with the antaris 4 chipset. Pressing the star key always results in
> > constantly being 02 O.Clock. No change at all.
> >
> > Now I have played around with its configuration tool. It is well accessible
> > with Jaws. You can set the receiver's update rate from 1 to 4 hz and 
> you can
> > enable or disable each NMEA record. You can also set the interval in 
> seconds
> > how often a record is to be transmitted.
> >
> > The receiver offers the following NMEA records:
> >
> > I have set them all to be repeated once per second. So maybe someone of you
> > can recognize what is going wrong here. For example, I read about a NMEA
> > record named GDT that is used for time and date information. This record
> > definitely does not exist in my receiver's output. But it uses the ZDA
> > record instead. As I can see this is also a kind of date and time info.
> >
> > Well, what comes up to my mind is:
> > Wich of the above records are needed by loadstone?
> > And does it make any sence to disable the records not used by loadstone?
> > Is this missing GDT record causing my time problem?
> >
> > Thanks for any idea.
> > Hasan
> >
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