[Loadstone] another ls tool idea

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Jun 7 08:03:22 BST 2007

Hi Gemma,

The tool you suggest is almost finished. I'm working on a rewrite of the 
checkpoint generator. A 'show only checked points' in combination with an 
uploaded checkpoint list will be one of the options. The tool will function 
much as 'Exploration mode' on the phone, has an option to choose a starting 
point, can 'look around' in 16 directions (the cardinal compass), has an 
ajustable view angle, a 'search for points point to point ' option and 
allows for checking and generating a list of checkpoints. With a bit of 
luck it will be on-line by next week.


At 6/7/2007, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have an idea for another loadstone tool which I would find useful. I would
>like to be able to enter a valid database and checkpoints file, and be
>returned a list of the names of the points from the checkpoints file. This
>is so I can easily see which points are in a checkpoint file rather than
>having to look the coordinates up in the database constantly.
>I am happy to code it up myself in PHP to be put up on the site with all the
>other tools. I was wondering if some of the code used to read in the
>database for the checkpoint maker could be reused.  Would it be possible to
>get hold of the PHP source to see what I could reuse?
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