[Loadstone] Perhaps a little OT, but My preliminary impression of WayfinderAccess.

r.jansen r.jansen at wanadoo.nl
Wed Jun 6 10:17:00 BST 2007

Hi Geoff,

You said:

> The other negative is that all values are given in degrees relative to the
compass, rather than one's own direction of travel.

I think this is incorrect. If it says 0 or 360 degrees its in front of you
and 180 degrees is behind.

I will check this to be cirtain.

Regards, Raymond

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I posted the following to another list, but decided to cross post it here.

On Monday WayFinder corporation released WayFinder Access nearly three
months after the date initially promised in their February product
announcement.  The "official" description of WFA is available at
Bare in mind that running Wayfinder requires a subscription to a cell phone
carriers data plan.  There's no room on most phones to store maps, hence the
need for access to the net while in use.  I confirmed Neil B of Talknav's
pricing info and since WFA is available through his company for $125 less
than the regular price until Friday I wanted to share my preliminary
I can't restrain myself from starting out by commenting on the regular price
which is $539.00.  I purchased Wayfinder's over the counter product called
WayFinderNavigator for $99 and for my money do not see anything in their
access product to account for five and a half times the cost.  Did I mention
that Wayfinder offers upgrade pricing to all its other customers, with the
exception of Access?  What a great way to reward their loyal customers who
have limped along with so many inaccessible features for years.
Using the main stream product I can search for businesses either near by or
in distant cities.  I can add them to my favorites and compute routes based
on current GPS coordinates and receive voice guidance.  The routing often
does not make sense but is over all helpful.  
I won't mention how as of Monday WayFinderAccess's installation process was
inaccessible, but then again I just did, didn't I?  Hmmm, suppose I'm
expecting a lot for $539 after a three month wait.  Actually to be fair,
that was a gratuitous slam on my part;  I am given to understand that
CodeFactory will release an update to their product by the end of the week
which renders WayFinder's web pages accessible, and Nuance is expected to do
likewise for Talks in the short term.  Fortunately I had a neighbor near by
who was willing to disclose which options were highlighted on the phone, but
this is often not the case.
WFA's look feel and interface is  very similar to Navigator, however five
text based list views have been added as follows:
Info: contains current position, heading and GPS status.
and the next four are vicinity views presenting a list ordered by current
proximity which includes: 
all: a blend of the following three.
crossing: lists intersections.
favorite: orders distance to items previously added to favorites.
POI: database of known points of interest.  Categories such as "Rent a car
Facility", " restaurant" "ATM", etc may be configured so as not to appear.
This is absolutely a great feature.  More over I like the fact that one can
now use other features which were inaccessible in the main stream product
such as obtaining the phone number for located businesses, and perhaps its a
bell and whistle thing, but getting weather conditions is kind of neat.  I
wonder whether the free screen reader updates referenced above which are
specifically for compatibility with WFA will improve accessibility  to
features in WayFinder Navigator?

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