[Loadstone] Connection Problem Solved

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed Jun 6 01:29:06 BST 2007

A couple things, as has been said a few times before, do not pair the 
receiver with the phone. This results in no end of problems and loadstone 
does not need to be paired. Some other applications may want the receiver 
paired but if loadstone is the only gps app you're using it's best not to 
  If you're choosing between the globalsat and royaltek I'd go with the 
royaltek. The two receivers are almost the same except the royaltek seems to 
work slightly better with heading at slow speeds. The battery is easy to 
remove from both receivers, You just press a clip and open the battery door, 
no tools needed. The royaltek has a slid switch and the globalsat has a 
pushbutton. I find the slide switch easier to work with since the state is 
easy to determine. This means you have to manually shut it off whereas the 
globalsat will automatically shut off a short time after the bluetooth is 

On Tue, 5 Jun 2007, Michael O. Hanson wrote:

> I recently asked about why both a QStarz QBT-118 and a Royaltec RBT-2000
> were disconnecting on me at times.  I made my Royaltec my default receiver.
> Next, I unpaired my QStarz from my phone.  Now, I have my Royal Tec pared
> with my phone and listed as my default receiver in Loadstone.  That seemed
> to solve the disconnection problem.  I was out for a couple hours, with no
> disconnection problems after I took the above actions.
> I don't know if these steps will work with a QStarz QBT-118 or any other
> receivers.  It was an easy fix.
> BTW, some people have commented favorably on a Global Sat bt-338.  I have
> read reviews saying this receiver dies after one year or so (just after the
> warrantee expires).  Can anybody comment on whether that is true?  I am
> considering buying either a Global Sat or a Royaltec RBT-2110.  My decision
> will depend on how well the Global Sat works and how difficult the battery
> is to remove from the Royaltec.  I like Royaltec but don't want a built-in
> battery that is difficult to remove because of possible hiking I intend to
> do with a GPS receiver.
> Good Job with this new release.
> Mike Hanson
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