[Loadstone] Connection Problem Solved

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Tue Jun 5 22:23:51 BST 2007

I recently asked about why both a QStarz QBT-118 and a Royaltec RBT-2000 
were disconnecting on me at times.  I made my Royaltec my default receiver. 
Next, I unpaired my QStarz from my phone.  Now, I have my Royal Tec pared 
with my phone and listed as my default receiver in Loadstone.  That seemed 
to solve the disconnection problem.  I was out for a couple hours, with no 
disconnection problems after I took the above actions.

I don't know if these steps will work with a QStarz QBT-118 or any other 
receivers.  It was an easy fix.

BTW, some people have commented favorably on a Global Sat bt-338.  I have 
read reviews saying this receiver dies after one year or so (just after the 
warrantee expires).  Can anybody comment on whether that is true?  I am 
considering buying either a Global Sat or a Royaltec RBT-2110.  My decision 
will depend on how well the Global Sat works and how difficult the battery 
is to remove from the Royaltec.  I like Royaltec but don't want a built-in 
battery that is difficult to remove because of possible hiking I intend to 
do with a GPS receiver.

 Good Job with this new release.

Mike Hanson 

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