[Loadstone] behavior when pressing end key

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Jun 4 15:09:04 BST 2007

Hi Shawn,

Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at odyssey.cm.nu> wrote:

> I don't know what this key is doing on other people's phones but on my n70 
> and e70 when it's pressed it exits, not backgrounds, the currently running 
> application. This is true on all the applications on the phones as far as I 
> can tell.

That's true on E70 and maybe on N70 (I don't have a N70), with exception of
IM+, which is *not* killed by pressing the end key. IM+ is just minimized
to background - without bringing up an exit confirmation question - even on
the E70 and the 5500 sport, both 3rd edition phones.

. But on 6630 and on 6680 it's as I wrote in my last mail. As far as I
remember also on the 6600 the end key just minimizes every application to
the background.

> According to the symbian docs there's two kinds of exit, exit when you can,
> prompting the user if you want, and exit now, make it fast and don't prompt 
> the user. The exit when you want seems to be what's being sent when key 2 is 
> pressed but the exit now is being sent when the end key is pressed. We could 
> revert the exit now back to the previous behaviour but this can be sent to 
> the program in error conditions so it's not advised.

Yep, because of the fucking signing policy on 3rd edition phones there
isn't much we can do, if Nokia decides over the heads of all their users
and developers... :-( But on 2nd edition phones we can do it as we like.


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