[Loadstone] For Developpers: Future of LoadStone GPS

yan at mistigri.org yan at mistigri.org
Mon Jun 4 14:14:39 BST 2007

Hi there,
	I'm a new blind LoadStone GPS user (discovered it last friday), 
and I'd like to thank all of you developpers (and translators) for your 
great work: simple, and efficient, as all software should be.

I currently only tested the GSM tracking part of LoadStone, because the 
little GPS receiver I have doesn't want to work with loadstone (or to 
work at all: LoadStone says the "No signal after %d seconds" message, 
even after several cold starts requests).

Anyway, I have two questions for developpers :
1) It seems you're editing and compiling the code under Linux (due to 
the line-feed formatted files): How do you manage to do it? I'd be very 
interrested to setup such a developpment platform, to maybe, help 
improving LoadStoneGPS (see below why improving). 

2) I would like to submit a FQ (feature qequest): Make LoadStone-GPS a 
good "Subway-assistant", at least for the city of Paris.
a) How? I noticed that, in nearly every Paris's subway stations, there 
is a unique GSM cell which can be easily distinguished from others (by 
area IDs and cell IDs). With another software, I succeeded to store 
about 30 stations' names, which is really helpful for blinds because 
there are no talking indications about where the train arrives in. With 
LoadStone-GPS it seems we can do the thing by labelling a cell, but I'd 
like to go deeper into the navigation :

b) What I would like to de ?
I'd like to have all Paris subway (for sure applicable for other 
cities) maps onto the mobile phone, and track our progress, station by 
station, letting lsGPS tells us when we must leave the train, what 
dirrection the user took, and maybe later, evaluate a good way to go 
from place A to place B using the selected map. So, what do you think of 
this ?

Sorry for the long message.
yan at mistigri.org

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