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Wed Jul 25 18:53:34 BST 2007

and was rather difficult to figure when I was getting to my stop prior to 
having Loadstone.  But now I have a check point file that is named for the 
gym and has 3 check point in it.  The corner near my house, the shopping 
plaza in between that we may stop at and have breakfast  and the stop near 
the gym.  I show check points only and have no major reason to know exactly 
where I am on a normal basis.

But last Saturday the bus broke down just before the shopping plaza and we 
would have another half mile to go to get to the gym.  I didn't know exactly 
where the bus broke down, but we got off because the driver said it would be 
some time before a replacement would be there.  I called the gym to tell our 
trainer that we would be late and she asked where we were.  I unchecked the 
selection to use check points only and told her where we were and she said 
to wait there and she came and got us.

It's situations like this that I've found Loadstone to be a valuable piece 
of technology, but wouldn't shell out over $1000 for the other GPS 

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> [quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2007/08/09 at 01:51 -0700]
>>I'm not sure how you'd do this. You couldn't just announce what's straight
>>ahead since you may be approaching a point on a turn. In that case you 
>>be too close by the time it was straight ahead.
> The current algorithm is fine if the points don't overlap. I'm merely
> suggesting a way to arbitrate if they do overlap.
> How does Isolate Checkpoint do it for the keypad? Perhaps there could be a
> similar mode for the announcement.
>>If you have overlapping points then the points are too close together or 
>>approach time is a bit too high.
> Well ... there are conflicting requirements. The faster one is going 
> eitehr the
> higher the approach time needs to be or the quicker his reaction time 
> needs to
> be. It has also been argued that there should be fewer checkpoints, but 
> that,
> too, has its inconveniences, i.e. one either has to give up having a 
> general
> awareness of where he is or must restrict his areas of travel to only 
> familiar
> areas and maintain several specific checkpoint subsets.
>>I think there's more explanation of this effect in the docs some place, 
>>come up before.
> I think I'm familiar enough with the way it is. Perhaps I shouldn't be, 
> but I'm
> just not a status quo kind of guy. I have a terrible habit of always 
> looking
> for potential improvements and then daring to suggest them. In this case I 
> find
> myself wondering why, if the Isolate Checkpoint algorithm is good enough 
> for
> the keypad, why it wouldn't be good enough for the announcements too 
> (under a
> separate setting, of course).
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