[Loadstone] Crossing the International Date Line.

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Seems like the heading and distance calculator on the tools page is half 
way there:

"The distance between:
Point A (Latitude 0.02and longitude -179.5)
Point B (Latitude 0.01and longitude 179.5)
111.2 km, 69.096 miles, Great Circle formula, and
111.325 km, 69.174 miles, Accurate Ellipsoid formula.

Point B is at 269.4 degrees, or to the due west, from point A."

Reversing the latitude results in negative headings and 90 and 270 degrees 
give reversed heading.

At 7/29/2007, you wrote:
>Perhaps, if the search finds no points and the search radius and direction
>indicate that 180 degrees longitude is within range, an additional second
>search could be made with the longitude of the start point appropriately
>fedged. That might be a way to do it without altering the database search code
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