[Loadstone] Check full map with checkpoints enabled.

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Fri Jul 27 00:53:57 BST 2007

[quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2007/07/26 at 16:36 -0700]

>The simplest solution to your problem would be not to use checkpoints only. 
>You don't need to have this setting turned on for checkpoints to be 

Yes, I was in error. I forgot that the announcements still work with Use Only
Checkpoints disabled, but rediscovered it on an outing this afternoon.

I'd still like to recommend, though, that the 5 key in Navigation Mode, when
either Use Only Checkpoints or Isolate Checkpoint is enabled, become Next Point
rather than (the currently redundant) Next Checkpoint as that'd be just as
useful as it's Next Checkpoint function is when both those settings are
disabled, i.e. the 5 key would then be a quick Where Am I according to the
alternate view.

>The shift key idea might be a bit tricky because you can use that 
>key to get to other functions in navigation mode.

I don't believe any of the five joystick operations have shift functions yet.

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