[Loadstone] Check full map with checkpoints enabled.

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Thu Jul 26 14:44:16 BST 2007

To get around the fact that Loadstone can't be set to announce all the points
I've made a (far smaller) set of checkpoints for major intersections. This way
I can still be generally aware of wear I am, which tends to be god enough. 
There was no way to do this (that I could find) from the Point Share Database,
but that's a different issue. I did it by writing a program which uses the
Point Share data as one source of input and a hand-created file of major street
names as another source of input. It writes a checkpoint line for each map
entry for which both street names have been listed as major in the other file.

Now for what I'm really writing about: With Use Only Checkpoints enabled all
the announcements work perfectly. It'd be nice to have an easy way to check
exactly wehre I am, though, i.e. on the full map. Could there be a way to have
the announcements work according to the checkpoints but the keys work according
to the full map? Alternatively (or in addition), could the shfit key in
navigation mode be used to escape back to the full map for one operation, e.g.
shift-up would be nearest point ahead on full map, etc?

There's another possibility as well. The 5 key is redundant in Navigation Mode
with Use Checkpoints Only enabled, i.e. it's the same as Up. Just like 5 is
Next Cehckpoint when Use ONly Checkpoints is disabled, perhaps it could be Next
Actual Point when Use Only Checkpoints (or Isolate Checkpoint) is enabled.

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