[Loadstone] Nokia 6260 and Loadstone

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at orange.nl
Thu Jul 26 14:08:20 BST 2007

Hi Kerry and Gemma,

I had a Nokia 6260 previously as well, and had the same problem you 
described when the phone was closed. I also found this very unuseful and 
didn't see a solution to this problem, so I decided to look for a different 
phone. Now I use a Nokia N70 which works very well with Loadstone.

Kind regards,

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> We are trying to run Loadstone v0.68 on a Nokia 6260 and are having 2
> problems:
> If we run second edition of loadstone it stops mobilespeak from talking.
> Exiting loadstone brings everything back to normal.
> If we run first edition it works; however if you close the phone it
> minimizes loadstone and returns you to the standby screen.
> This stops loadstone from speaking which isn't useful if you have the 
> phone
> in your pocket.
> You can get loadstone back by holding menu; since all applications are
> backgrounded when the phone is closed.
> If you put the phone in image mode you can use the arrows etc but not the
> numbers.
> Anyone with a 6260 found an easy way to overcome these problems or should 
> I
> suggest this person get a different phone?
> Regards, Kerry.
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