[Loadstone] Nokia 6260 and Loadstone

Kerry and Gemma Hoath kerryandgemma at gotss.net
Thu Jul 26 13:22:59 BST 2007

We are trying to run Loadstone v0.68 on a Nokia 6260 and are having 2 
If we run second edition of loadstone it stops mobilespeak from talking. 
Exiting loadstone brings everything back to normal.

If we run first edition it works; however if you close the phone it 
minimizes loadstone and returns you to the standby screen.
This stops loadstone from speaking which isn't useful if you have the phone 
in your pocket.
You can get loadstone back by holding menu; since all applications are 
backgrounded when the phone is closed.
If you put the phone in image mode you can use the arrows etc but not the 
Anyone with a 6260 found an easy way to overcome these problems or should I 
suggest this person get a different phone?

Regards, Kerry.

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