[Loadstone] cells and relation tables

Hasan Karahasan karahasan at onlinehome.de
Wed Jul 25 18:53:10 BST 2007

Hello together,
I am currently doing some cleaning up of my default data base - correcting 
some miss typings, deleting some points no longer needed and so on. I have 
exported it into a text file to be edited in an ascii editor. I can see that 
the cell and relation tables have grown up though I do not use the cell 
labeling feature.

1. May I delete these tables in the ascii file completely before rebuilding 
my data base?

2. I have neighther labeled cells manually nor used the automatic cell 
labeling function. So where do these lots of cell entries in the cell table 
come from?

3. What is the relation table used for?



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