[Loadstone] waas with royaltek rbt 2110

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 From the SiRF3 docs:

5.3 Setting theDGPSMode

The DGPS mode is used to control the position output of the Evaluation 
Receiver based on whether positions are differentially corrected or not. 
The options include automatic, exclusive, and never use.
To set the DGPS mode:
1. Choose DGPS Mode from the Navigation menu.
The DGPS Control screen is displayed.
2. Select the Mode that you want to use.
Automatic: Use differential corrections when they are available, otherwise 
compute a non differential solution. (see note below)
Exclusive: Only compute a differential solution. If no corrections are 
available no solution is output.
Never use: Only compute a non differential solution (even if corrections 
are valid).

3. Enter the timeout value (in seconds) you want to use in the Timeout 
field. A received differential correction will be applied to the solution 
until either the timeout value is exceeded, or a new differential 
correction is received.
4. Click the Send button to accept or the Cancel button to exit.
Note- For a differential position to be calculated, a pseudorange 
correction must be
valid for each satellite being tracked by the Receiver. If there are less 
corrections than tracked satellites, then a non-differential position will 
result. If corrections exist for different satellites to that being tracked 
by the receiver,then a non-differential position will result.

5.4 Selectingthe DGPS Source

The SiRFstarIIe/LP Evaluation Receiver has the ability to receive RTCM 
differential corrections from different sources. The DGPS source control is 
used to select which source will be used to obtain RTCM differential 
To select the DGPS source:
1. Choose DGPS Source from the Navigation menu.
The DGPS Source screen is displayed.
2. Select the Source that you want to use. Table 4-14 describes each of the 
available DGPS sources.

table 4-14 DGPS Sources

None: The Evaluation Receiver will not use any of the available DGPS sources.
WAAS Channel: The Evaluation Receiver will use the WAAS correction service 
if available. One of the twelve channels will be dedicated to the WAAS signal.
External RTCM: The Evaluation Receiver will use any RTCM Data corrections 
that are input directly through one of the serial ports.
Internal DGPS: The internal beacon receiver will be used to provide RTCM 
corrections received from an operating radio-beacon. A beacon antenna is 

4. Click the OK button to accept or the Cancel button to exit.
Note- The selection made in the DGPS Source screen is displayed in the DGPS 
StatusView screen by selecting View |Messages|DGPS Status.

At 7/21/2007, you wrote:
>Bummer, sure would be nice if loadstone could learn how it is done and use
>it, as from what I read it does help. is there any research we can do to
>pull this one off?
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>I don't think the waas setting has any effect on the royaltek receivers.
>This is because for some reason royaltek doesn't use the same command
>everyone else uses to control this feature. There might be a way to turn
>waas on if you put the receiver in to sirf mode but I'm not sure about that.
>They haven't bothered to document any of this either so the info available
>is mostly speculation.
>On Sat, 21 Jul 2007, Jim Ruby wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is the gps I have and I have never heard it say It was using waas. I
> > have it set to on in the loadstone application settings. I wonder if I
> > should look at the settings in the gps using SiRFDemo. I can if some one
> > let me know what to look for.
> >
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