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With GPS receivers becoming better and better, the only thing that is really 
seperating them is battery life and sensativity. The best chipsets on the 
market are the Sirf Star III or MTK. The MTK builds on the Sirf Star III in 
the sense that it uses less battery power and it reduces some of the 
multi-path issues encountered with the Sirf Star III. Multi-path is an issue 
with GPS signals bouncing off of tall buildings and giving erronious 
heading. I would recommend one of the following GPS recievers:
Holux GPSlim236; Sirf Star III; 8 hours
Holux M-1000; MTK; 17 hours

The 236 has waas enabled by default if you purchase it from Sendero  Group. 
Sendero has worked with Holux to have this happen. The M-1000 has it enabled 
by default. WAAS are ground satellites that improve on the accuracy of the 
GPS signal, it can reduce the accuracy from 10 metres to 3 metres.

The M-1000 is the only GPS reciever using the new MTK chipset that I would 
recommend as the majority of the other ones have serious issues at 
pedestrian speeds.

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> Hi,
> are there any good gps recievers that are better then others?
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