[Loadstone] Saving accurate point coordinates.

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I'm wondering why you think you need more of a pin point accuracy.  I Myself 
have accepted that GPS tells me generally where I am.  It will get me to the 
front of the building, I need to find the door.

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> [quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2007/07/18 at 17:30 -0700]
>>What you're experiencing is gps drift and it's to be expected.
> Yes, I understand this.
>>If your is waas capable this drift can go down quite a bit when standing 
>>but will still be there.
> It is, and I always leave it on.
>>We've considered putting in some sort of averaging
>>but you'd have to be standing still for some period of time for it to 
> Wel;l, in this case I was sitting, but I understand what you're saying.
>>Even then it would only be an average so still not quite accurate.
> However inaccurate it may remain, it'd surely be better than an 
> instantaneous
> single capture which just might be way off.
> Another approach mightr be for the user to be able to move a point by an 
> amount
> in a direction. That way, he could make an imperical judgement based on 
> several
> measurements and then make manual adjustments.
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