[Loadstone] Some feature suggestions.

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Jul 11 08:42:26 BST 2007

For the last kpart of your post: it wouldn't be too hard to add a 'merge 
database' tool to the tools already on-line, allowing to provide two 
databases, selecting the points you need from both and outputting the 
merged result. Repeating the process you could merge as many databases as 
you like.


At 7/11/2007, you wrote:
>In an earlier discussion it was suggested that 5 in Expore Mode should use the
>Explore Direction rather than the Point Direction if only for consistency's
>sake. For what it may be worth, I agree with this. I've personally been misled
>on more than one occasion due to the current inconsistency.
>It'd be nice for Expore Mode to have a function which would relocate "my
>location" to the current "explored to location". The effect of this would be
>for 5 to display distance and direction relative to that point.  Perhaps the
>Current Point menu could have a "go to" (or, perhaps, "move to") function.
>It'd be nice for there to be a new direction setting which would give the
>east/west distance followed by the north/south distance. It could be called
>Cartesian Direction. This might be more natural to some, and would save others
>some spherical pithagorian math.
>Now for the one that'll take a little longer to describe: Perhaps I missed
>something, but the only way I found to copy a set of points from one database
>into another was to do so one point at a time, each individual copy 
>requiring a
>lot of key presses.
>    Softkey1 for Options
>    Down twice and Select for Files
>    Down once and Select for Load Database
>    Down to source database and Select
>    find the next point
>    Softkey1 for Options
>    Down twice and Select for Files
>    Down once and Select for Load Database
>    Down to target database and Select
>    Hash to update point
>    Softkey1 for Options
>    Softkey1 to select Update
>That was a lot of work, but I persevered. :-) A feature which would've made
>this a lot easier would be one that allowed the exporting of only those 
>which have been checked (Export Database -> Checked Points). Then I could've
>loaded the source database, found and checked the desired points, exported the
>checked points, loaded the target database, and imported the points.
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