[Loadstone] Some feature suggestions.

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Wed Jul 11 08:23:35 BST 2007

In an earlier discussion it was suggested that 5 in Expore Mode should use the
Explore Direction rather than the Point Direction if only for consistency's
sake. For what it may be worth, I agree with this. I've personally been misled
on more than one occasion due to the current inconsistency.

It'd be nice for Expore Mode to have a function which would relocate "my
location" to the current "explored to location". The effect of this would be
for 5 to display distance and direction relative to that point.  Perhaps the
Current Point menu could have a "go to" (or, perhaps, "move to") function.

It'd be nice for there to be a new direction setting which would give the
east/west distance followed by the north/south distance. It could be called
Cartesian Direction. This might be more natural to some, and would save others
some spherical pithagorian math.

Now for the one that'll take a little longer to describe: Perhaps I missed
something, but the only way I found to copy a set of points from one database
into another was to do so one point at a time, each individual copy requiring a
lot of key presses.

   Softkey1 for Options
   Down twice and Select for Files
   Down once and Select for Load Database
   Down to source database and Select
   find the next point
   Softkey1 for Options
   Down twice and Select for Files
   Down once and Select for Load Database
   Down to target database and Select
   Hash to update point
   Softkey1 for Options
   Softkey1 to select Update

That was a lot of work, but I persevered. :-) A feature which would've made 
this a lot easier would be one that allowed the exporting of only those points 
which have been checked (Export Database -> Checked Points). Then I could've 
loaded the source database, found and checked the desired points, exported the
checked points, loaded the target database, and imported the points.

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