[Loadstone] GSat BT-338

David Allen wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jul 10 23:47:06 BST 2007

Hi Vic and list!

I've found lots of things make noise that a telecoil can easily receive. 
This is also how I verify when my phone is actually transmitting. According 
to the telco media hype, 97 percent of my country has reliable mobile 
network coverage. It's a curious thing that I encounter that 3 percent quite 
often despite keeping my travels in the more populous areas of the country. 
Since I can't see any flashing lights, I need a reliable way to know what my 
phone is doing while I'm waiting. This is my answer.

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> Hey Dave,
> Wow, your advice was just grant, re: putting one's ear to the unit; I
> assumed right from the start that the unit would be quiet, but it does
> actually make sounds when turned on/off.
> Thanks so much for this excellent advice!
> Regards,
> Vic
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