[Loadstone] Royaltek, Holux and QStarz compared.

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 17:42:12 BST 2007

Hello guys,
Is there any particular reason why Royaltech is so heavily considered on 
this list vs., for example, GlobalSat BT-359 or Holux GPSlim 240?
Do these not satisfy Loadstone's requirements?

Rob Melchers wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have tested and compared three GPS receivers:
> - Royaltek RBT 2010 (SiRF3)
> - Holux M1000 (MTK)
> - QStarz BT Q818 (MTK)
> The results of this test are now published at:
> http://www.loadstone-gps.com/articles/test3rec/
>  From the article:
> "From this test we have learned, that the position data as reported by all 
> three receivers is adequate for accurate location announcements. The tests 
> also show, that the algorithms used by the Loadstone software suffice for 
> accurate heading and speed calculation. Our next step will be the 
> implementation of the option to choose from announcements directly provided 
> by the receiver or provided by the Loadstone software. With this option in 
> place, the Loadstone GPS program will be able to work together with any 
> receiver on the market today."
> "At this moment we see no confirmation of the claimed superiority of the 
> MTK chipset over the SiRF3 chipset. In fact, the Royaltek RBT2010 
> outperforms the Holux M1000 by a small margin and the QStarz BT Q818 by a 
> larger margin."
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