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Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Mon Jul 9 03:30:34 BST 2007

[quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2007/07/08 at 17:55 -0700]

>I don't think you'd want to do to much based on static threshold. This is 
>mainly a hack to try to correct a problem, not a real fix. At the lower 
>speeds it's quite likely that you're going in and out of the static 
>threshold. If you have the reporting functions changing based on that the 
>results could be quite random.

Has adding some damping into the changes in calculated speed been tried?

Has adding a time delay when crossing the static threshold before recognizing
that the threshold has actually been crossed been tried?

>We're currently working on doing software heading/speed calculations since 
>the information from some receivers is almost useless at low speeds. 

I didn't realize that this was receiver-generated information. Perhaps the two
ideas mentioned above, if not already tried, may help.

>As for the automatic database checking, the same problems still apply. On a
>fast phone with a small database it wouldn't be a problem but this doesn't
>scale very well. On some of the older phones with a larger database the check
>can take 4 or 5 seconds so even doing it periodically won't work. Put that
>database on a memory card

Like I do. :-)

>and the problem gets even worse. 

I probably care more about such a function because in winters as cold as ours
get one doesn't want to remove ones gloves in order to press a small key on a
small phone. :-) Even in warmer climates, though, automated announcements would
be nice when, for example, ones arms are full of groceries.

>When importing points it checks for duplicate/updated points based on the id
>and userid fields. This allows all the other fields in a point to be updated. 

I assume the time is used for the id on user-generated items, then, because it
provides a conveniently sufficiently random number but that there's no real
need for it to be a time.

>I think the 5 key in exploration will report the distance from the last gps
>position to the current point if there's no signal. This assumes that there
>has been a signal at some point in the run. 

Well let's test it... I was wondering how I was actually going to test the "no
signal" condition, only to find out that at this very moment my receiver is
indeed reporting "no signal". :-) I hope that doesn't mean that I have a broken
receiver. :-) Anyway ... I can now tell you what happens. 

When I enter Exploration Mode it tells me "ottawa 8.44 kilometers at 53
degrees" (I have my regional cities database loaded at the moment). When I
press 5 is says "no signal for 4 minutes 59 seconds". When I press 4 to move
west to the nearest city it says "265 degrees 20.88 kilometers to Carp". Now
when I press 5, i.e.  after I've moved away from the initial position, it says
"Carp" so it only stops giving the relative position after moving away from the
original position.

Talk about timing ... Just as I completed this test the signal came back! :-) I
guess my receiver isn't broken after all. Now, with the signal back, pressing 5
says "Carp 20.87 kilometers at 10 o'clock".

Now let's try the same thing with the receiver turned off... Entering
Exploration Mode says "Ottawa 8.44 kilometers at 53 degrees". Pressing 5 says
"Ottawa 8.44 kilometers at 53 degrees". Pressing 4 says "265 degrees 20.88
kilometers to Carp". Pressing 5 says "Carp". Turning on the receiver, selecting
"connect default GPS", and pressing 5 says "Carp 20.87 kilometers at 12
o'clock" (good distance but useless heading).

So the real problem seems to be that pressing 5 in Exploration Mode doesn't
give the relative location of the current point if there's no signal or if the
receiver is off when one has explored away from the last reported GPS position.

There are two more comments on my list (so far):

How do I unlabel a cell which I accidentally labelled?

It'd be nice to have a way to explore directly to a specific latitude and
longitude. I know this can be done the long way, i.e. by defining a point and
then finding it, but direct entry would be kind of cool, and, for crazy people
like me, time saving.

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