[Loadstone] Several comments from a new user.

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Sun Jul 8 08:01:26 BST 2007

I just began to use Loadstone-GPS a few days ago. It's clear that plenty of
very good work has been done, and I, for one, very much appreciate it. Here are
several comments:

I'm using a RoyalTek RBT-2010 and it works fine so you may wish to add it to
your list of tested hardware.

Exploration Mode doesn't move cross the International Date Line. If I'm at a
point just to the east of it then I can't move west to a point just to the west
of it, and vice versa.

It'd be nice if there were a way (perhaps via a setting) for Navigation Mode to
switch to using the expore direction when the current speed is below the static

It'd be nice if there were a way for the Find Point function to look beyond the
Maximum Search Radius if no matching points can be found. Perhaps the "no
points found" condition could be accompanied by an "override maximum search
radius" prompt. This'd be particularly useful either when switching to a map
that's far away from the current location or when using a map of major world
cities as neither Find Point nor Exploration Mode seem willing to move to the
nearest point if it's too far away and temporarily modifying the radius just
for this occasional condition is a lot of work.

I may be misunderstanding how checkpoints work. The only difference they seem
to make is that, when set, I'm periodically informed regarding where they are
and I'm also told when I'm approaching them. What I'd like is a mode where all
the points on the map (not just the checkpoints) are treated like checkpoints
insofar as the "approaching" announcement is concerned. This'd keep me posted
as to my progress on a continual basis.

In Exploration Mode, it'd be nice (when the receiver isn't connected or there's
no signal) to have a way to go directly to the last reported GPS postiion, as
well as to find out where the current point is relative to the last reported
GPS position. Perhaps the simplest way to do this would be for switching to
Navigation Mode to go back to the last reported GPS position just like it goes
to the current GPS position now if the receiver is connected and there is a

The Find Point function either hangs or crashes Loadstone-GPS if the point
being sought can't be found and the map is huge. Is this function perhaps
recursive and the stack is being overrun?

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