[Loadstone] Initial questions about the LoadStone program and sites such as geocoder.net

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 07:26:59 BST 2007

Hello Shawn,
Does the Import feature copies all the data into the phone's memory or 
it will leave the data  in the original location?
When you say that the file of 15MB may be slow; do you think this is the 
case even with fast phones like Nokia N95?
I know that, for example, Nokia Maps app reads quite huge maps, 
(consisting of a lot of small files) sometimes the size of 70 MB. Does 
Loadstone reads its databases in one go and hence the slowness?

Thanks a lot,

Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:
> The file you download from the point share will have to be imported before 
> it can be used. A file of 15 megs might be pretty slow thoe. There's more in 
> the docs on this.
> On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Victor Tsaran wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Please feel free to direct me to an existing online resource if my
>> questions are answered there already.
>> 1. Why is there a limit on the LoadStone database?
>> 2. I copied the database of the whole state of California onto my MiniSD
>> card, which is about 15MB, but the load command does not seem to work.
>> Should I always import the database then?
>> 3. Say, I went to geocoder.net and found latitude and longitude for both
>> starting and destination addresses of interest. How useful is this
>> information to me other than being a point of interest? Surely,
>> Loadstone is not capable of calculating a route based on two points; am
>> I correct in this?
>> 3. I have read that Loadstone POI Conversion program can import maps
>> from Google Earth; is this information accurate?
>> Thanks for any answers.
>> Hopefully I'll get a hang of this software very soon.
>> Thanks,
>> Vic
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